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About the Authors

Dr. Freud is a world renowned psychiatrist, physician, professor and professional dog groomer.  He has earned degrees and awards too numerous to list in this little blue box.  He understands and treats all forms of psycho-pathology; including anxiety, personality disorders and

the pernicious desire to collect postage stamps. 

You wish you were as smart as and talented as Dr. Freud. 

But you're clearly not.  

Dr. Ford Freud, MD, PhD, DC, etc.

J. A. Ford (no further letters needed)

Mr. Ford went to school for a long time and managed to obtain a number of meaningless degrees and certificates of participation.  Mr. Ford wears shoes when he is writing books.  They are always shoes that have laces because he has an irrational fear of loafers, especially those with little tassels on them.  He sleeps wearing a homemade tinfoil skullcap so that he is protected from twisted dreams and disturbing nightmares.

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