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Planet Comicon KC was crazy!

The crowds were large and I had the opportunity to meet many of you (including Tom Servo from MST3K).  I want to thank the following people who decided to learn about 

 Dr. Freud's patients: Dana, Mike, Wyatt, Molly, Sam, Eric, Hannah, Vickie, Sophie, Marissa, Tekla, Megan, Stacey, Lauren, Jim, Abby, Heather, Liam, Mark,

the Hunter family, Lois, Clark, Ollie, Speedy, Amber, Casie, James, Wendy, Tim, Ashley, Murle, two Caitlins, Jeff, McFreen, Nicole, Jenny, Ruby, Erica, Ike, Elle, Roxanne, Patrick, Jason, Misty & Savannah.  

I hope you enjoy the dark journey I've created for you! 

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